Compensation Personal Injury

Taking a clear path towards personal injury compensation

There is a range of situations and events which can lead people to wonder whether they may have a case for personal injury compensation. These events can also lead to anxiety as well as acute injury, and we appreciate that it can seem difficult to work out the best course to follow.

What situations might lead to a claim?

Each person’s experience, which has led to the sustaining of a personal injury, can be very different. This is one reason why it pays to hold an initial conversation with acknowledged personal injury compensation specialists.

A range of possible situations can include involvement in a motor vehicle accident or an injury sustained in a person’s workplace. Equally, there might be a sporting injury to consider, or sadly, negligence when being treated by a healthcare worker. There are many other possible areas, and we know that each set of circumstances and outcomes are unique.

Choosing your personal injury compensation specialists

We believe that the personal aspect is as important as the legal side. Being suddenly involved in an incident, one beyond your control, and with a range of distressing outcomes, is a highly stressful situation. This can affect you personally while having serious financial implications.

Our experts take the time to understand each client who seeks our guidance. We aim to get to know the person to better understand the circumstances surrounding what has happened to them. Equally, at such times, it can be important to take swift and decisive action, as time limits can apply to make such claims.

Choosing our team of senior lawyers here at Lough&Wells

Operating on a No Win No Fee basis, our course of action is to carefully help you fully understand your rights regarding whatever has happened to you. During a free and confidential initial consultation, we take the time to clearly assess and discuss both potential entitlements and then to provide an equally clear avenue we can take together to seek any compensation that might be due.

As the leading personal litigation firm here at Wollongong in the Illawarra, our hard-won reputation means that we are highly sought-after experts in personal injury and negligence cases. This now results in us being the clear choice of so many to handle a wide range of cases Australia-wide.

Taking the first step towards effective action

If you believe that you may have a case for making a personal injury claim due to someone else’s negligence, please call (02) 4228 0911.

Our senior lawyers will listen carefully and always offer sympathetic yet frank advice regarding your rights, potential entitlements, and an avenue that can be followed. In such stressful situations, we’ve found that such clarity offers a level of peace-of-mind that our clients appreciate.